Dear parasitologist,

we kindly ask you to forward the message below to the members of you Parasitology Society. The message highlights the innovative characteristics of Nematoda, the new journal of the Brazilian Nematological Society.

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My best wishes,

Prof. Ricardo M. Souza

President of the Brazilian Nematological Society

Recently the Brazilian Nematological Society (BNS) launched its new scientific periodical, Nematoda ( This journal has innovative characteristics that set it apart from the other periodicals that publish articles on nematodes, namely:

* Nematoda accepts manuscripts covering all groups of nematodes – parasites of plants, invertebrates or vertebrates (humans, livestock and wild animals), bacterivores, fungivores, predators and omnivores.

* The scope of Nematoda is broad: manuscripts are welcome on any theme in the areas of basic biology, ecology, taxonomy and systematics (morphological or molecular), genetics, molecular biology, epidemiology, control or management, and use of nematodes as environmental indicators or biological control agents.

* Nematoda is an online publication, following the golden open-access concept, meaning the articles published are available for free to anyone in the world. This increases the articles’ international visibility and impact, generating more citations by other articles. The articles published in Nematoda are immediately indexed by Google Scholar (the world’s leading scientific index service), and can be located by using the terms contained in the title or the keywords.

* The editorial board of Nematoda includes important scientists in all areas of research into nematodes, from renowned research institutions the world over.

* In Nematoda, the peer review system is based on clear rules: the double-blind system is followed and the ad-hoc reviewers evaluate pre-established questions, assigning scores that minimize subjectivity regarding scientific merit. The agile system employed discourages successive resubmissions and re-evaluations, thus reducing the time for approval or rejection to about five weeks.

* In Nematoda the accepted manuscripts are formatted for online publication in about 7-10 days after acceptance, so that they do not remain for months “in press”.

* It isn’t necessary to be a BNS member to publish in Nematoda, but members pay a lower rate, of about US$ 10 per page.

Visit the site of Nematoda ( to obtain more information.