In the beautiful surroundings of the Palić Lake, the Hungarian and Serbian parasitology societies had their first bilateral meeting in years this October. Initiated by HSP President Prof. Róbert Farkas, and realized through joint efforts of both societies but primarily by Dr. István Kucsera, member of both societies, this meeting sought to be the first step in the re-establishment of our previously long-standing relations. The participants, who included Board members and eminent members of both societies, as well as a number of SSP PhD students, enjoyed a spirited presentation of the history of our relations by Academician Tibor Kassai. A true bard of Hungarian and European parasitology, Prof. Kassai reminded us of our predecessors, paying a heart-felt tribute to the first President of the Yugoslav Society for Parasitology, the late Academician Zlatibor Petrović. Prof. Dr. Dušan Lalošević contributed with a biographical sketch of Dr. Tibor Lepes, yet another both Hungarian and Serbian parasitologist, the founder of parasitology at the University of Novi Sad. Such inspiring lives and works, along with the review of the current activities of both societies, presented by Dr. István Kucsera (on behalf of Prof. Farkas who was suddenly unable to attend) and SSP President Dr. Olgica Djurković-Djaković, provided a perfect cue for a fruitful discussion on the possibilites for further cooperation, which ended with an amicable invitation to SSP to visit the HSP next year, on the occasion of the celebration of its 50th anniversary. Typical Bačka lunch and a walk through the beautiful Palić Zoo completed the day, leading to a warm and friendly „till we meet again“ good-bye.




Senior members:
Olgica Đurković-Đaković Akad. Prof. dr Tibor Kassai
Ljiljana Sofronić-Milosavljević István Kucsera
Dusan Lalošević Éva Fok
Vesna Lalošević Edit Eszterbauer
Branko Bobić Lászlo Bekési
Snezana Tomanović Lászlo Sugár
Ivana Klun András Gubányi
Peter Biro
PhD students:
Tijana Štajner
Aleksandra Uzelac
Jelena Srbljanović
Irena Rajnpreht
Ljiljana Kuruca
Darko Mihaljica
Ratko Sukara


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